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I am proud to be a Millennial and I hope to one day be remembered among the Millennial Visionaries who helped guide the future of humanity and solved tremendous problems like Climate Change, Cancer, ALS, Muscular Dystrophy, HIV, Parkinson’s, Space Exploration, Transportation, Accessibility, and creating the Energy of Tomorrow.

Right now we live in a world where we can communicate with anybody anywhere at the push of a button. Ironically our society has never been so divisive and politically correct and human rights like Freedom of Speech continue to be challenged as we are still adjusting to monumental changes in Technology and Economics.

Most people are choosing to approach this dichotomy with cynicism and I completely disagree with that philosophy. I am eternally bullish with everything, as you will soon learn, from my experience in life and battling a deadly genetic disease and I foresee a resurgence of deep independent thinking, philosophy, debate, and expression. I am betting on this happening with my current ventures and where I would like to invest my time and energy in.

We need to return to the days where everybody kept a journal, exchanged letters, took down notes of everything, had beautiful libraries in their homes, read the newspaper every morning, and read books before going to sleep. Not many people are realizing yet that apps like Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Feedly, Pocket, and Kindle are addressing these desires we have had our entire existence.

My friends and family have been telling me all my life to create a personal blog to share my life, thoughts, and opinions with the world. I have had the desire to be an Entrepreneur and Inventor since I was 6 years old and writing and reading have helped me understand how to make it a reality. Thanks to the technology of today, I have the same opportunity for success as anybody in Silicon Valley or the entire world even with my Disability.

I created this blog to share with you my journey, advice, opinions, philosophy, and what I am working on. I hope you learn many things that will help you succeed in your life and career. I hope to help other people with Disabilities pursue Entrepreneurship as well.

I do not know if I will be lucky enough to experience the next era of human achievement and what I will end up achieving in my life and helping solve, but I am going to put everything I can towards accomplishing my dreams.

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